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Connect your banks and start organizing your finances like a world-class CFO.

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5 / 5

So easy and elegant. Managing our invoices and transactions feels great for the first time 👏

Julien Boursaly - CMO, Spoke
4.6 / 5

Like if Airtable and Qonto had a baby together. They worked hard to make it simple.

Octave Lapeyronnie - CEO, Fabriq
5 / 5

What used to take weeks of spreadsheets now takes a few seconds to get done.

Jérémie Fichebin - COO, Share Fraîche

Your bank accounts on one single interface

Multibanking is the result of spreading financial operations between neo-banks and traditional banks. We just made it simple.

Traditional bank for securing funds
Neo-bank for friendliness

Real-time indicators & insights

Understanding the development patterns of your liquidity on a daily basis is vital to manage resources and make the right decisions.

In real-time
Synced across all connected account
Specific to startup industry standards

Collect invoices automatically

Justifying each transaction with an invoice becomes complex as your company grow. We aggregate and reconcile invoices so that you don't waste your time.

Forward invoices via email
Smart scanner
Automatic collector
Extract VAT

Simple reporting and visualization

When cash flows increase, monitoring finance across all connected accounts becomes a real mess. We just made it simple.

Advanced visualization
Instant export
Clustered by categories
Always up-to-date

Become super productive

Any action can be accessed and completed in seconds with the command bar.

Across all connected accounts
Blazingly fast

For ambitious entrepreneurs

Our community chose Luego for the simplicity and ambition of the project. 🧑‍🚀

Simple product. Simple features.

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate faster using shortcuts and contextual commands.

Spending management

Issue credit cards and manage budgets from any account.

Instant data export

Data can be exported instantly so that you can take it anywhere.

Simple analytics

Monitor your startup with real-time analytics and visualization.

Invoice reconciliation

Collect your invoices and justify banking transactions effortlessly

Customer support

Early customers are invited onto our Slack to share feedback


Your international transactions are converted in EUR and USD.


Enjoy a delightful experience designed using gaming principles.


Connect any bank in France, Europe and USA (coming soon).

Simple and transparent pricing

Each plan includes unlimited use of the platform.


Perfect for growing companies with multiple bank accounts.

  • Unlimited Users
  • European Banks Sync 🇪🇺
  • Automated Invoice Collection and Scanning 🧾
  • Auto Match
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Excel Exports
  • Your Accountant Onboarding
  • Access Luego's Community
Start Growth


Excellent for scaling companies and empowering teams.

  • Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Spending management 💳
  • Virtual credit card issuing
  • Custom budget control
  • Restricted views per user role
  • Invoice paiement
  • Follow-up unpaid invoices
  • Follow-up missing invoices
  • In-app customer support
Start Scale


Designed for mature businesses after Product-Market-Fit.

  • Everything in Business, plus:
  • Daily sync with Business Intelligence tools
  • Weekly meetings with your dedicated Advisor Expert
  • Dedicated Key Account Manager
  • Access to international network of finance experts
  • Custom Analytics modelling
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272 startups already signed up


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