All-in-one finance for startups with multiple bank accounts.

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Banking Synchronization

Connect your bank accounts securely to get a complete view of your cash flow. We have over 80 partner banks.

Data Privacy & Enhanced security
Connector approved by ACPR - Banque de France
Cancel in one click, at any time

Automated invoice collection

The collection of recurring receipts-such as pay slips, online services and customer invoices-can be automated. You won't have to chase down receipts.

Data Privacy & Enhanced security
Connector approved by ACPR - Banque de France
Read-only access
Can be cancelled in one click, at any time

Document repository portal

Luego provides a simple interface where everyone in your organization can submit their invoices and other documents. The hunt for receipts is over. Manual data entry is over.

100% Secured
Shareable URL

Your own space

We have created sections specific to the needs of startups and accountants.

Startup Space

Track your transactions, reconcile your receipts and analyze your cash flow.

CFO Space

Your CFO verifies the transactions you have justified and exports them in one click.

CSV Export
Export invoices in PDF
Multi-support Format

Clear and simple language

With Luego, there is no complicated vocabulary. The tasks to be performed are explained in a clear manner. You will finally understand accounting.

Even granny could use it

Unlimited collaborators

Luego offers you the possibility of inviting all employees who participate in the financial life of your company, at no additional cost.

Unlimited collaborators
No additional fees


The desktop version gives you a more enjoyable experience. Free yourself from the distraction of your various Google Chrome tabs to efficiently handle your accounting.

Works on Mac

That's probably enough for now. What are you waiting for?

Made in Paris

We are fintech entrepreneurs. We believe startups are building the future. We are working hard to make finance stupidly simple and fast for founders.

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